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The Full Story

Designing with passion

Inspired by the Neoclassical, Regency, Rococo, Baroque, and Napoleonic Era, we unite craftsmanship and luxury. With a painterly use of colour and a certain element of whimsy, the aesthetic linchpins that drive our creations are sensuality and delicacy. Using traditional methods of woodworking, we carefully select exotic woods and hand-pick distinctive fabrics with which to build heirloom-quality furniture that can become a focal point or compliment  a room's decor. 

Our mission is to create beautiful environments to live and remember in time. 


We work with residential and corporate clients (and their designers and architects) to create pieces that excite us all. We have exhibited in public and private collections across America and the Far East.
We combine art and furniture into the same thought process offering a daring line of home furnishings that are three-dimensional functional art pieces. Our design goal is to attain just the right equilibrium between form, function, art and craft. We use colour, texture and gesture to create unique furniture that conveys a sense of energy and excitement. 

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